Velma's Effect

Sabtu, Juni 02, 2012

What happens in this real life? an Opera? a Fact? or just Illusions? Velma, one of character from Scooby Doo movie says," I just believe in fact." It means, Velma is kind of person who just trust with what she sees and hears about something. She called fact. Now, I turn into somebody who thinks like Velma. I believe in fact.

When someone convinced you to trust what they said, you chose to believe them. But turns out, it becomes something that you don't feel right. You feel strange with the situation. And then, as a human, its our insting to find out what happen. You see, you hear, and you feel it. You can feel with your sense all the proof. You are doing very well to convince your self that you're right. Someone has been lied to you.

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