Jumat, Februari 24, 2012

What is passion?

A simple question but untill now I don't know how to explain. I'm looking a sentences that maybe can close to describe about passion. According dictionary from John. M. Echols and Hasan Shadily, passion is "nafsu" or "keinginan besar", usually used in to have or to work. In dictionary from my handphone, passion is about strong feeling. Conclusion from the meaning, passion is about something inside that make you do anything to make it happen. You have courage to make because you have passion.

Sometimes, passion is about emotional stuff like love, anger, sad, or happy. But, i think that passion is a little bit different. Passion can make us do something or excited about something. For example, I have a passion in writing. I love writing because I can wrote my feeling or my thought. I'm not a kinda person who can speak so much when people talking about an issue. I'm a person who have comtemplation reaction. I can think about something with a long time or spending my night about what people talked before. If I know the answer or maybe I have a opinion, i write it. My writings is my answer about a question. Because sometimes when I say something, I didn't mean it or contradictive with my thought or feeling. Sometimes is just my bull shit...hahaha..

If we talking about passion maybe we can related with lust. But, lust is very closed to sexual needs. Is passion and lust are the same thing? I think there's a different between that words. Passion come from our soul and lust come from our body. But they're belongs to human. Everybody have passion and lust. That's a gift that God given to us. We should thank God and use it for good things.

If you missing your passion, you have to find it untill you bleeding. If you wrong to use your lust, it can kills yourself.

PS : I'm try to practice my english because I have a big planned with my future. Beside, this is some kind of challenge for me because I have english meeting yesterday with Kak Akbar Zakaria. He is our mentor in the class. I'm starting with little things and I hope it can be a mountain. :))

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    hmm, mungkin karena saya sedang belajar nulis dalam bahasa inggris jadi masih terbatas apa yg ingin saya tuliskan....

    salam kenal