Sabtu, Juni 08, 2019

“Anyway, I’m not good at prayer, but before you think I was a little rough on God, there’s another thing you need to know about my people. Our relationship with God was different from other people and their Gods. Sure there was fear and sacrifice and all, but essentially, we didn’t go to Him, He came to us. He told us we were the chosen. He told us He would help us to multiply to the ends of the earth. He told us He would give us a land of milk and honey. We didn’t go to Him. We didn’t ask. And since He came to us, we figure we can hold Him responsible for what He does and what happens to us. For it is written that “he who can walk away, controls the deal.” And if there’s anything you learn from reading the Bible, it’s that my people walked away a lot. 

You couldn’t turn around that we weren’t off in Babylon worshiping false gods, building false altars, or sleeping with unsuitable women (although the latter may be more of a guy thing than a Jewish thing.) And God pretty much didn’t mind throwing us into slavery or simply massacring us when we did that. We have that kind of relationship with God. We’re family.

Excerpt From: Christopher Moore. “Lamb, the Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.” 

Note: "Antua" berarti beliau dalam bahasa Melayu Ambon.

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