Wednesday Addams's Sticker

Jumat, Januari 05, 2018

*photo by meike

In a daylight of 90's films, Wednesday Addams (beautifully portrayed by Christina Ricci) is maybe one of the intriguing characters that has ever lived in the cinema. Her normal face that looks like a serial killer and her classic black dresses as her signature fashion color our little world through the whole sequel of The Addams Family. She is an enigma, a beautiful one with mystery and cynic. Wednesday teaches us no matter what people say and the world brings, we must be ourselves, be who you are and be proud of it.  

My good friend, Aisyah Azalya, who regularly I call Ai, is an outstanding illustrator with the ability in Information and Technology area. She is the only one female web developer that I have already known so far.  She is indeed a geek, but beautiful and stylish in her modest hijab. Now, with her tremendous talent, she made this beautiful Wednesday and transformed it into stickers, so that we can easily to be entertained by the sarcasm of Wednesday. Wednesday Addams's sticker is just one of her artworks.

If you are interested to take a look on her works or to purchase some of them, you can visit her Instagram @syhzly. There are plenty of artworks and it is affordable for everyone. 

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