Sabtu, Agustus 31, 2013

I'm dating. 

This city is my mate. As I remember, I live to reach my dreams. I want to fullfill my purpose. I've planned everything but life gives another way. Maybe it's like lover's meeting, wherever you go you'll find the way to meet your love. I still thinking about Makassar. Makassar is like the ex. Our relationship must ended but we can't move on from our memories. I feels excited about Yogyakarta, feels like I have a new boyfriend. This is a new me. Someone who loves walking. Walk with her new boyfriend. When I first time come to stay, he accepted me with four times of full moon. He's romantic, right?

Who knows I finally find what I always looking for. I still find out why I should stay in here. But in my heart, I know the good things come closer everyday.

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  1. Finally! Here we are, trapped in a island, with a whole new story to tell, a friend to share, and everything within.

    Goodluck dear. :*

  2. Best of luck kakak Iq....semoga lancar persiapannya. Semoga nanti bisa mengunjungimu untuk sekedar berbagi musim gugur atau salju bersama ^^