The Ghost Of You

Minggu, September 02, 2012

by : Michael Learns To Rock

Summer's ended and without a trace
time goes by - while you remain 
Funny how I thougt I walked on through 
with my heart in one

Why do I still cry for you
dying to get close to you 
Why do I still fear to face 
the ghost of you 

How I tried to get you of my mind 
but you return - all the time 
I believed I could just let you go
like the fool I am

I've been trying to release you
to get my feet back on the ground 
Still I need my hope to hold on to 
even if I know i should back away 
It's just a part of me that I can't erase

PS : bukan kebetulan kita dipertemukan. I miss all of my memories in Bangkok :'(

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